Some natural ways to ease healing reactions

When healing reactions are very troublesome, we can usually do something to help. Some herbal remedies relieve symptoms without interfering with the healing process. For example, white willow bark contains a different chemical form of salicylic acid than aspirin, so that it blocks only the inflammation chain of the prostaglandin and not the healing chain. This illustrates why natural substances are preferable to synthetic drugs in the long run.

The dosage of certain supplements can also be adjusted to slow down the rate at which the healing process takes place. When my clients have uncomfortable strong healing reactions, I cut down on the dosage. This slows down the healing process. The uncomfortable symptoms are less intense, but the healing process is also more prolonged. As the person’s body becomes detoxified, we can once again increase the dosage until it is being taken at optimal dosage.

For those who may experience the healing process, symptoms usually happen at:

  1. 1-7 day mark
  2. 5-6 week mark
  3. 3 month mark
  4. 6 month mark

then further and further apart and the signs are milder as time goes on.

Cleansing Signs

  1. Fatigue
    lasts 7-10 days at beginning, then further apart and milder
  2. Headache
    reflects what is happening in the body
  3. Rash
    could be allergy or cleansing:

    • if rash came up right away, it’s an allergy
    • if someone has been on the products for a while, then got a rash, it’s a cleansing sign. Skin is largest eliminating organ
  4. Mucous
    signs of slight cold, clearing throat often, runny nose, runny eyes
  5. Loose stool
    • loose stool is good, diarrhea is bad
    • loose stool is going 2-4x very loose, or watery
    • diarrhea is going 9-10x in last few hours
    • most people have highly acidic system from meat, alcohol, pop.
    • If loose stool, this is good. Continue at same dose
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