Signs of Cellular Malfunction

Cellular malfunctions come with certain signs and symptoms which can vary from person to person. Let’s see some of the most common signs of cellular malfunction that signals it is time to see the doctor:

1. Delayed growth

One common sign of cellular malfunction is delayed growth. This could be delayed growth in infants and toddlers or delay in showing signs of puberty in teenagers.

2. Frequent Infections

Cellular malfunction affects the organ responsible for fighting infections in the body and this makes one prone to more frequent infections.

3. Vision Impairment

The part of the eyes responsible for image processing is easily plugged by cellular malfunction and this can reduce the quality of your visions.

The right step to take when you notice these signs is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Early detection and treatment remain the most effective way to handle cellular malfunctions in whatever way they appear.

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