Proper sleep

It doesn’t take a scientist to see how the rates of stress and burnout at rising at a breakneck pace amongst the regular, mainstream population; and this does not only have consequences like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, higher risk of depression and anxiety… but it also has causes: poor nutrition, increasing uncertainty on the labor market, sedentarism and probably one of the most crucial of all: proper sleep.

Proper sleep can make or break a healthy routine, but it is perhaps one of the most neglected pillars of a good routine: 51% of adults worldwide don’t get proper sleep, and the number rises even higher amongst teenagers.

To get proper sleep, it is important to practice what’s called “good sleep hygiene” (going to bed at a regular time, sleeping in a dark, silent room at a reasonable temperature, avoiding blue lights at least 2 hours before bed…) but other health practices might also help: yoga, calming and relaxing beverages, supplements such as melatonin or tryptophane…

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