Lignan Flax Oil

It is well known that fitness and wellbeing culture are both really concerned with optimizing your diet and maximizing the benefits of what you eat so you can be as healthy as possible, so they are always looking out for the new “craze” that can provide them with a lot of health benefits.

Perhaps one of the most popular foods amongst health nuts is seeds, as they are highly nutritious, easy to eat, and full of vitamins. One such seeds is flaxseed, which is high in protein; but if you don’t like to eat it in seed form, lignan flax oil is easy to add to your routine.

Lignan flax oil is of course high in protein, but it is also packed with omega 3 and 6 acids which can help with brain function and heart health, in addition to helping deal with constipation and diarrhea, helping with skin breakouts and with inflammation. Not only that, but it makes up for a great egg substitution in your vegan recipes!

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