How supplements can help

Here is a little something about how (dietary) supplements can help you in various processes and which supplements you need to get the results you want. Dietary supplements are divided into man categories, from which I will only list the top three (of course the following list consists of my opinion and experience):

Supplements to help you gain more muscles:

One of these supplements would be the most famous one, Creatine. This is a molecule, which is naturally produced in our bodies. But a boast of Creatin can also boast the production of your muscles, important here is that you still need to exercise. To gain more muscles, you still need to work out; no pain, no gain!

The second supplement in this list is a supplement for Omega-3 fat acids: Fish Oil. This supplement helps your heart to keep a regular beat and it is perfect, to keep your blood pressure low.

The last supplement entering the list is Vitamin D. Yeah you can get it naturally, through bathing in the sun, but many people either don’t have the time to expose themselves to the sun or the comprehension how important Vitamin D for our calcium and phosphate balance, our body’s development of our immune system and the strength of our bones is.

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